About Ralph

Ralph Cope is a former manager in the hospitality business who wanted to do more than just make drinks. Though he enjoyed the thrill of bar-work and got pretty good at it, his passion was always travel and adventure.

In 2018, Ralph left the industry to pursue a full-time career as a travel photographer and writer. Though he had been traveling for several years prior, having visited faraway places like Mozambique and Borneo, this would be the first time he would sustain himself purely by his own means.

Ralph has since worked with several international clients and has helped them achieve their own creative goals. His clients include artists, online entrepreneurs, hotel moguls, and many more types of people, all of whom are a pleasure to work with. 

The future looks bright for Ralph. He is enthusiastic about his own business as well as the business of adventure itself. At no other time in human history has travel been so easy or so commodified. It is his ultimate goal to find the most daring and exotic places in the world, to document them, and to eventually lead people there.