Roaming Ralph Back in Action!

Welcome to the new Roaming Ralph webpage! I apologize for my extended leave but I have been very busy working with clients and building this new website. I hope that everyone has been well and gone on lots of adventures since you last visited.

I decided to overhaul my previous website in order to improve the blogging section. My previous webpage was designed with Squarespace, which, though attractive, lacked optimal blogging features.

This new webpage is designed with WordPress and is much more streamlined. The core values of the previous iteration are still intact – here you will find my portfolio, contact information, and blog posts – but are far more elegant. I invite anyone visiting this web page to check out my new portfolio section and to begin browsing through my work.

I hope to start a new weekly newsletter, entitled Ramble On Ralph, where I speak about a new destination in each post. It’s a light-hearted endeavor and will contain a useful morsel of knowledge here and there – mostly it’s a way for me to revisit my favorite places and to have fun with them.

Stay in touch with Roaming Ralph for more photos from distant lands and maybe for a laugh or two. I look forward to further improving this website and helping y’all on your endless adventures. Thanks again for joining Roaming Ralph!

To kick things off, here are a couple of photos from my recent exploits in Turin and Milan.



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